frequently asked questions

We are currently stocked in Coles, IGA and local independent grocers around Australia. 

We normally recommend our Yoyos for cubs aged 2-9 years old. However, we would recommend that grrrown up bears supervise young cubs whilst they are consuming all of our products.

Yes, our multipack boxes are fully recyclable because they are made out of cardboard. They are also compostable because we use water based ink to print, which makes them safe to compost as no nasty chemicals (grrr!) will seep into the ground from the ink.

Our single yoyo packs are recyclable at specialist recycling points. We are working hard to find a suitable replacement that is fully recyclable and compostable, but what makes this really tricky is that our packaging is the only form of preservation for our 100% natural snacks.

Here at BEAR we care a lot about protecting our natural environment and while we know we’re not perfect, we’re always working on ways to improve our packaging and environmental impact.

Yes, as our fruit snacks are just fruit & veg, absolutely nothing else, they are suitable for vegans :).

Yes, as our fruit snacks are just fruit & veg, absolutely nothing else, they are gluten-free :).

Yes, our fruit snacks are certified Kosher! Here at BEAR we want as many people to enjoy our products as possible which is why we worked really hard to get KLBD certified :).


Our products are just fruit and veg, absolutely nothing else, and therefore contain no dairy, soya, gluten, egg, sesame and sulphites whatsoever. Whilst our products are made in a sealed ‘BEAR pod’ at our factory, there are other ingredients outside of this pod that may contain dairy, soya, gluten, egg, sesame or sulphites. However, we do believe that this risk of contamination is extremely low.

Our ingredients are really simple, exactly what you see printed on our packaging is what's inside (it's not our style to hide anything, or be sneaky). We set up BEAR to make simpler, tastier foods from grrreat ingredients and with no added nonsense, so you can rest assured that there are absolutely no GMOs in any BEAR products.

Our products are just fruit and veg, absolutely nothing else, and therefore contain no nuts whatsoever. They are packed in a sealed ‘BEAR pod’ at our packing plant – there is a ‘tree nut and peanut room’ here but this is kept completely separate. People do not cross from one area to the other without changing from head to toe, giving their hands a good scrub and going through a separate entrance. This means that there’s no risk of nut cross-contamination in our products.

Spirulina is a bluey-green freshwater plant – it loves the sunlight and soaks up lots of the sun’s energy, helping it to become one of the world’s most nutritious foods in the world. It’s filled with protein, vitamins and minerals & the amount that we use to naturally colour our Apple Yoyos is so tiny that you can’t even taste it :).

Our black carrot extract is completely natural, taken from black carrots. We add it in very small amounts to our Strawberry and Raspberry Yoyos. The anthocyanins (pigments) found in black carrots give them their dark colour, and therefore add some colour to our Yoyos – they also provide beneficial antioxidants as well as many other health benefits.

Our FREE collectible cards, which can be found inside single packs of BEAR Yoyos, take children off on a grrreat adventure Around the World with BEAR! There are 80 adventure cards for you and your cubs to collect and learn from.

Our busy postbears are beavering away to send your collectors kit as quickly as their little paws will allow! They usually manage to deliver rewards within 3 weeks of receiving your bearcodes, so paws crossed your kit will arrive to your cave shortly

Our current card collections will continue until the end of the year, so there is still time to find your card in packs if you’re trying to complete your set.


You can also email us at - the only cards we have at The Big Cave are those leftover from our own BEAR Yoyos  munching so we may not have what you’re looking for, but we’re more than happy to have a forage in case we can help! 

Send a photo of your completed card collection (there are 50 Around the World cards to collect) to  and we might pop some goodies in the post to say congrrratulations!